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All in One

It is well known that it takes two to tango, but with the Tango application, users can tango with fifty contacts at the same time. The app is a very popular one to use for instant messaging and comes with plenty of interesting features, making it an effective social networking application. This is because you can make video calls, send music, send videos, share pictures as well as play any number of games. The app has more than 160 million users and is very popular among teenagers. In addition to making calls, you can also have group chatting, which is a must-have feature for teenagers.

Various Platforms 

Tango seems to be targeted at teenagers. It can be downloaded on various platforms and various devices. For instance, if you own an iOS device you can use Tango for communicating with others who have the app on their Android devices or their Windows phone. Tango is also available for desktops, tablets and iOS devices, so you can send messages and make voice or video calls to any of your contacts having the app on their devices, regardless of the operating system.


While you are having a video chat with your friend, you can send animations or play a game. It is also possible to share music from Spotify within the app itself. Also, when you send a picture, you can enhance it using filters, which makes it a very cool app for teenagers. Adults are more interested in sending the message across or quickly communicating through text or calls. However, teenagers and younger adults surely like to hang out with such a cool app and use all the fun add-on features.

Privacy Features

The app shows your profile as public, to be viewed by anyone, as a default feature. The ‘Find friends near you’ is a cool feature that makes use of the location service to find a friend near you who also uses the application. However, if you wish, you can turn off location service or set your profile from Public to Private. This will prevent any random person using the app from finding you, contacting you or calling you.

However, some information has to remain public, namely, your name, username, profile pic and so on. There is a place for including your date of birth, gender and so on, but you can leave it blank if you wish.

Popular People

The page allows users to access the profiles of some popular people. There is a filter for selecting men alone or women alone. Teenagers might enjoy clicking and seeing the various public profiles.


Though the app is free to download, you can make some in-app purchases. You can buy animations to send to your friends while making a call. You can also chat with popular users of Tango for a certain feeusing the Premium Discovery Chat feature.

Tango is a fun app and is very popular among teenagers. It is recommended that you ensure that your teenager son or daughter does not share any personal information on the application.

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