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On the 31st of August 2015, Microsoft unveiled a brand new Xbox One console.

This new version comes with the console, a 1-TB drive that adds the presentation of flash memory with the hard disk and brand new Elite wireless controllers. These controllers are fully modifiable, with identical paddles, high-performance constructions, and hair trigger locks.

The price of the Xbox One Elite Bundle is $499, and it will be launched on the 3rd of November 2015. Microsoft and GameStop will make sure it is sold perfectly all through the month of November. The early release of this console is perfect for a holiday game release. Also, other game releases include the Need for Speed on November 3rd, Call of Duty: Black Ops III on November 6th, Xbox One exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider on November 10th, Stars Wars Battlefront on November 17th and Fallout 4 on November 10th.All these dates should be noted down to help you know when to expect them.

Space is the Next Frontline

It is expected that Legacy Hardware will fall behind and end up falling out totally. However, storage space of the console will become an issue when the game becomes larger. When Destiny’s The Taken King expansion pack, for instance,is added to the console with its complete 30 GB size, space on the console will be closing in. This will make it difficult to play on 20-GB versions on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Generation consoles of today have issues with migration to download that are purely digital. The new version of Call of Duty game will take up additional space of up to 10% of 500 GB hard drive. Although many complaints have been made, these constraints have not been dealt with by Microsoft.

The Xbox One Elite Bundle Console is designed with 1 TB hard drive, and this has doubled the capacity of an initial console. With the price of the SSDs falling continuously, particularly, the cost per gigabyte, the addition of more space has become more possible.

Other Amazing Features Coming with the New Console

The loading time of games on the console is very fast. It has been improved from the original version. So, you will experience the best gaming times. For Xbox fans, who would want to add some uniqueness and class to their consoles, there are many controllers that you can buy and make use of.