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Skype has a lot to offer apart from the basic video calling feature.

In fact, Skype has become so ubiquitous that it has the status of a verb. It is a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP service that can be used for making calls all over the world and for sending or receiving messages over Wi-Fi.

For Businesses

The service is very useful for businesses, as they can use it to make group calls, share the screen and use many of its innovative features. Businesses can also benefit from the features for managing multiple accounts and use the PBX integration. The voice and the video quality are excellent, and the interface is sleek.

Available for Various Platforms

Skype enjoys huge popularity with a massive user base from all over the world, as it is available for various platforms. You can install the application on your desktop, Mac and also on Linux. You can also use it on Xbox or PlayStation Vita. It is also available as an app for mobile phones, such as iOS phones, Windows phone and the Blackberry phones, as well as Android phones.

Getting Started

All you need to do is to go to the website and download it. You can select from various languages available. The click to call feature can also be installed in browsers. This enables users to call from a webpage that shows a particular phone number. When you install it, you can make a choice of Bing or MSN as the default browser, as Microsoft now owns Skype. However, this is not mandatory.

Signing In

Next, you have to create your Skype Account or your Microsoft account. Those with an account at Hotmail or can sign in with that account. For creating an account, one has to give details of name, email id, country and language, your username and your password. Once you have signed up, you can log into it and test the major features, such as the camera, the speaker and the microphone.

Adding Contacts

You can then set up a profile picture and search contacts with whom to connect. You can also import your contacts from social networking sites, such as Facebook. Also, it is possible to add a specific number, even if the person does not have a Skype account. Skype also offers a Directory, where you can search for contacts. Otherwise, you can simply enter names or phone numbers.

Clean, Simple Interface

The interface is neat, showing your profile picture, search box and the button for making calls at the top. The central window shows your newsfeed if you connect on Facebook. Otherwise, it simply shows the recent calls, alerts and so on. There are many options for selecting your status, such as Away or Online or Do Not Disturb. The notification area allows you to set the status, sign off and so on. It also notifies you about calls that you have missed, with a number and pops a notification when a contact is online.

In short, Skype has been evolving continuously and offers redesigned versions. It is a highly sophisticated and functional service offered on various platforms, offering various communication options.

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