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iOS 9 was released on September 16 so if you are an owner of an Apple device that runs on iOS you should already get a pop-up notification saying that your phone or tablet is ready to be updated to the new operating system.

However, it seems that Apple was actively working on iOS 9 alongside the iOS 9.1. After Apple announced the new iPhones on September 9, they’ve released the first beta of iOS 9 to the developers. This means that Apple wants to be sure that the next version of iOS 9 will work smoothly on devices when it will be released later this year.

We remind you that the iOS 8 came with a lot of bugs and it was very unstable, which made a lot of iOS users very mad. After that, the company released many patches to fix all the issues that the iOS 8 came with and it took quite a long time until all of them were fixed.

iOS 9.1: Features

iOS 9.1 will come with new features, but don’t expect too many changes compared to the iOS 9.0. One of the new features that iOS 9.1 will come with is the support for Unicode 8. If you are a fan of emojis, then you will surely like the new emojis that have been added to the iOS, which you will use in text messages.

There will be also some new weather emojis, which include: clouds, snowmen, rain, thunder and many more. If you love smileys, then you should know that there will be also some new faces such as: money mouth face, nerd, rolling eyes, thinker, hug and upside-down face. New food emoticons have been also added, such as cheese wedge, popcorn, hotdog, taco and more. In addition, if there are people who annoy you every now and then, you can always use the new middle finger emoji. The iOS 9.1 will also come with improved stability and better speed and support for the new iPad Pro (support for the new Apple Pencil stylus and Apple Smart Keyboard cover).

Siri, the personal assistant, which will come with the iOS 9.1, will be able to know when you are using the “Hey, Siri” command or someone else, via the voice. According to Phone Arena, there is a new voice recognition feature that Siri will have during the setup of an iOS device, which clearly suggests that Apple may think about adding this feature to it.

iOS 9.1 is currently in beta and it can already be downloaded from Apple. You will just need to log into Apple’s developer portal and download the first beta of the iOS 9.1 right away or by signing up to Apple’s Beta Software Program. This program will allow you to get access to iOS betas before they are released to the general public.

Until now Apple hasn’t announced when the iOS 9.1 will be released for the wide public, but according to rumors, this will happen sometime in November 2015.