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Exploring the World

Google Earth allows users to take virtual trips anywhere, offering plenty of photographs and information, including an interactive display that users can explore. The application was produced by Keyhole and was acquired by Google in the year 2004.

Myriad Uses

You can use the app for finding a specific destination or just explore and check out various areas of the world. In short, the globe is now at your fingertips and you can explore any part, check out how the people live in different parts of the world, view images and know more about the history or the culture of different parts of the world.

It is thus possible to visit a foreign location, know the distances between two locations and so on. It is also used for education by many teachers, who use it as a tool for explaining geographical facts in schools. This has been enhanced with the Google Earth in Classroom program.

A 3 Dimensional Map

Google Earth is far from merely being a three-dimensional map, as it offers many additional features as well. For instance, you can decide the layer that you want to see the map, you can make changes to the daylight and the year, and you can visit other planets. The customization aspect of Google Earth is its biggest plus point. Yet, it is also simple and offers all the basic tools.

Interface and Functions

The basic options for rotating or zooming are provided in the form of navigation tools. You can drag or scroll using the mouse as well. The Fly to feature allows you to specify a particular address or a city or even a specific building. The Timer allows you to move through different periods of the past and see historical photos. Layers allow users to highlight something in the maps. You can select Border, Labels, Places or Photos or 3D buildings, Gallery or Ocean or many other categories. 3D buildings can be seen in most of the cities in the US, India, UK, Japan, Spain, and others though not all cities are featured.


However, the images seen in the maps are not live, but rather taken one or two years before they are seen in the program. However, the updating frequency is good and you can view the date when a particular image was taken at the bottom. Another problem with Google Earth is that the image is not very clear in the beginning, especially if you scroll too fast. However, with a good Internet connection, the maps get clearer.

Information and Exploration

You can visit an exotic locate virtually, such as Paris or Hawaii, and you can also visit a local restaurant or a hospital or any other location. The best part of Google Earth is that it combines satellite imagery with its powerful Search offering unlimited geographical information.

Bottom Line

The app is free and offers a lot of useful information for those looking for a specific place and for those exploring the world. It runs very smoothly with a lot of imageries thrown in along with geographic information. You can get directions, view a three-dimensional terrain, save a search and add favorites.