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Facebook Messenger is offered as a standalone application, allowing users to chat with their FB friends and also send them stickers, photographs.

In addition, they can make a free call using VoIP to their contacts on the social networking site. All this is available on Android devices, Windows phones as well as on iPhones, as a mobile application.

Recent Update

A recent update to the application has resulted in not being able to send or receive SMS messages through the application. However, there has been a great makeover to the app; more features have been added, and it comes with an ultra modern look. The latest update offers a new and colorful look to the chat pages and friend lists. You can visit the Recent showing all the latest, active chats and all threads, provided you have not deleted them or archived them. You can view your friends’ photographs, names, and the latest message of the chat.

Who’s Online?

You can also view a small icon near the photo of your contact, telling you about their status. If you see the blue colored messenger icon, it shows that the contact is using the app and is signed in now. In case you see the gray logo, it means that they are signed in to the site, but may not be online at the moment.

Friend Lists

After the main screen, you can view the page having your friends’ names, in the form of two lists. The first list contains names of those using the Messenger app on their phones. Those whom you contact frequently are listed on the top, and the rest are listed in alphabetical order. The second list, known as the Active list, shows friends who are online currently, but they could be on their mobile or active on the web.

Familiar Chat Features

If you have already used the chat feature in the web version, you should be totally familiar with the app on your phone. You can send a message to one contact or more than one. You can also reply by sending messages along with photos from the mobile app, send stickers, with both still ones and animated ones being available. In addition, users can also send a voice recording.

The Recent screen shows a plus symbol at the bottom, and you can click on this to start a conversation, send a picture or a sticker. You can also search for a particular friend in the search bar. It also allows you to continue a conversation that you started on your desktop or any other device and continue where you left off.

Location Sharing

Through the mobile app, you can also share your location with contacts by tapping on the dot near the text field. If the dot is blue, it shows that your contact will be able to see your location, the neighborhood, and city. However, if it is gray, it shows that the location-sharing feature has been turned off. With the feature on, users can tap on a message and hold it, then select the View Details in order to view the location from which the message was sent on a map.

The app has gone through a lot of interesting changes since its launch, with new designs, sticker feature, a free voice call and other welcome changes.