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Windows 10 Mobile operating system will officially be coming to the general public during the month of October.

While there is no definite date of when this will happen, one thing that is a guarantee is that you will finally get a glance of how the new mobile OS works.

In preparation for this huge day, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have already begun bracing themselves with devices that are aimed at making things tougher for the Android and iOS niche. While Microsoft itself is believed to be planning some huge smartphone releases alongside the release of this new Windows 10 Mobile, with rumors pointing to Lumia 950 and 950 XL as the upcoming flagships, other players in the industry have already begun making their mark.

One such player is Acer and as of now, the company has already presented its latest introduction, which happens to the very first phone in the world to come with Windows 10 Mobile.

Acer’s Jade Primo will offer support for Continuum

The new Acer smartphone has been codenamed Jade Primo and from its very first design, this phone was destined to be a Windows 10 device. As a result, enthusiasts of Android should sit aside, or join the bandwagon. Nonetheless, this new Jade Primo comes with one of the best features that the new Windows 10 Mobile has on offer – Continuum.

What this means is that the Jade Primo can easily be converted into a portable PC. Users will be able to connect the device to their desktops using a USB cable and mirror the UI of the phone to the display screen of PCs. In this way, it will be possible to run apps right from the phone and they will work similar to how they do on PCs.

Other than the Continuum feature, the new Jade Primo will also come with a variety of accessories from Acer, among them a dock and keyboard, something that will even ease the process of converting this phone into a PC when looking for maximum productivity.

Acer Jade Primo specifications

The Jade Primo was launched during the IFA 2015, however, the company behind it did not reveal much about this new device. When asked about the phone, the executives described it as “your pocket PC”, an indicator that the new Windows 10 and Continuum are the big stars.

Regardless of the little information we have about this phone, we can assert that the device will feature a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display and inside it will be a Qualcomm-based Snapdragon 808 processor. Acer won’t be left behind when it comes to the camera segment as the Jade Primo boasts a 21MP rear snapper that supports dual LED flash. If you love selfies, Acer’s Primo will not disappoint you as the front snapper comes with an 8MP sensor, which is also of good quality when it comes to video calls.

Pricing and release date

Acer has remained mum with regards to the price of the Jade Primo. However, one thing that is for sure is that this device won’t be available to the public until early next year. Windows 10 Mobile is still being modeled and when it is officially released this coming month, more devices based on this platform will start flooding the mobile market, so sit tight.