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Microsoft is currently focused on aiding those whose handsets were damaged by a Windows 10 upgrade.

Microsoft issued a public statement in which it revealed the fact that the update contained a glitch that permitted non-supported gizmos to download and also set-up the former update.

Windows 10 Mobile build (no.10536) was released by Microsoft this past week. This rolled out from the Fast Ring Windows Insider program and even if this update targeted specific device versions, it seems that other Windows Phone clients were able to set it up. Strange, right? And because the new firmware release did not match the non-supported handsets, various mobile devices were severely affected.

As noted by Gabriel Aul, the man in charge of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program, there was a major bug hidden in the update. So because the update was infected with this bug, it could not identify a supported or non-supported handset. And some even complained about the fact that this update downloaded without user’s permission to the devices.

And those of you who are not up-to-date regarding Microsoft’s checklist of supported devices and the 10536 built problem, can permanently damage your handset.

So, if you have a non-supported device, you should try and reflash it if your phone got affected by this glitch. Microsoft also states that the supported devices for the Windows 10 Mobile built belong to the Lumia series. Note: The HTC One M8 gizmo (for Windows) is also considered a supported device.

Keep in mind that when performing this update, your device must have 8GB of free internal space and it must run on Windows 8.1. But not to worry, because as always Microsoft is on this: “We’re working on repair options for the devices that were not supported but got the latest build,” Gabriel Aul added. He continued saying that” This is a high priority for us to solve and have a team dedicated to it.” We will let you know as soon as we have info on recovery.”