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The number of women who are in love with gaming today has tripled over the past 8 years.

This process was a gradual one. However, it has indeed taken over. There are so many times when different mobile app games have increased this love of games for women. Well, today a lot of women have found Candy Crush Saga to be the best puzzle game of all time. This game was introduced by KING and has given women all over the world the opportunity to relax, build their arrangement and planning skills and also have brought a lot of excitement into them.

The reasons why most women will be found more mobile games that console games is simple. The idea of videos being streamed on the very same systems that access video games widens the audience and also probable buyers, particularly where women are concerned. The love for mobile games has however attracted women to start playing console games as well. So, it is like women are taking over the world of console gaming.

Some Levels in Candy Crush Saga Women Love

Although Candy Crush Saga is one of the most loved games in the world today, women love the game for specific features and levels it comes with. For instance, the level where gamers have to make sure fruits come down is very attractive and seems amazing as well as exciting to play. There is so much that most women will put at stake to try to get the fruits like grapes and apples to the bottom of the board.

Also, the level where specific points need to be obtained before a specific time is very exciting for most women who play the game. This one-way women who love competition love to challenge themselves. This makes it very easy for them to have as much fun as they want to or can and also makes it very easy for them to put all their smart skills into action.

Power-Ups that the Game is designed with

Women love to get help from time to time when in difficult situations. This is why the power-ups designed to come with Candy Crush Saga is considered a good thing. For women who are able to go through many levels without these power-ups needed, it is very exciting. However, there are times when you just need to and must make sure you use them. This goes a long way to helping you make the most out of the game.