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Software susceptibility has been noticed in the popular web-based instant messaging app WhatsApp.

This vulnerability may allow hackers to download any malicious virus on a desktop computer or mobiles. Quite recently, WhatsApp has introduced its version for iOS users after rolling its services for Windows, Android, and iOS users.

The service of WhatsApp allows users to view conversations or messages, photos, videos, locations and audio files on their mobiles or desktop computers. However, the security checkers of this app have confirmed that they found a security vulnerability in this web based app that may allow hackers to download any malicious virus, ransomware bots as well as remote access to user’s mobiles and desktop computers.

Security issues of WhatsApp

Ransom compels users to pay a certain amount to get back their systems or data; bots slow down the system, and RAT allows remote access to victim’s personal data. These are all malicious hacking tools that breach the privacy of the users.

Recently WhatsApp made an announcement that it gained more 400 million users per month and an approx. 200 million users are probably using WhatsApp web interface. In order to target a user, a hacker needs a phone number and the user’s account details. By sending them an innocent contact card that contains malicious code, they get access to the user’s device or machine once the users click on it. Through this code, they launch a virus file that starts downloading malware viruses or tools into their PCs.

WhatsApp has acknowledged and verified security vulnerability and confirmed that the issue will soon be solved. In fact, they also said all their web versions will release only after fixing this security vulnerability. The security checkers said that the users of WhatsApp must update their version urgently and should clear the cache from their browsers so that there is the least chance of a security breach. When WhatsApp rolls out its updated versions, users can see the update in the notification bar.

Fortunately, WhatsApp has been working on fixing the issue so that users can use this app without any fear of losing personal data. It has responsibly added security mitigation against this issue. The makers of this app assured that their developers have handled this issue in a professional manner. They also said that their software vendors and service providers acted in accordance with security best practice.

Security concerns surrounding WhatsApp is not new, In fact, it has acquired more attention from the customer’s end. Just like Facebook has acquired a text messaging alternative few months back. Therefore, researchers suggest that users must check the security protocols of apps before downloading them on their mobiles or desktop computers.

Fortunately, the solution to this issue is an easy one. Users must download the app from its official URL and should not download any other app or browser extension for downloading this app. users should be aware of this to download this app on their mobiles as well as desktop computers.

Moreover, the users must update the app when it is required as the apps come with more advanced security features from time to time. One must also check its privacy settings.

WhatsApp has introduced end to end message encryption concerning the security of the users. This step is taken to secure this app in an advanced manner so that users don’t feel scared of sharing any private message using this platform. To enable this end to end encryption, users only need to give a few minutes to check the security settings of your app.