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Some years ago, some people decided to stop making use of Buzz, because all it did was flood their Google Mail inboxes with notifications that they just didn’t want or didn’t need every single time strangers commented on their posts.

If you did stop using it some time back, it would be better to give it a second chance today. Yes, giving that service another opportunity will make you happy because Google recently launched brand new controls that have been designed to aid in reducing Buzz spam levels for your accounts.

Google Always tries to provide what’s best

All over the world, Google is a company that is known and respected to provide its users with the best all the time. This is why their acknowledgement of obtaining Gmail notifications regarding every single post that was made on Buzz wasn’t the best answer didn’t shock most people. As they acknowledged this fact, they went behind the scenes and made sure they worked on it to see what we have today.

In the blog post of Google, Bruce DiBello, who is Google’s software engineer, wrote: When you partake in a conversation in Google Buzz, we bring that post to your inbox. So, it is easy to keep up with the discussion. But we’ve heard loud and clear that buzz in your inbox can be quite noisy – we feel it too, so today we’re launching two features to help with this.

Bruce makes it clear how thoughtful Google is and care about the needs of its users. Over the years, there are so many people who have stopped using Google account altogether because of this feature. So, it will be no surprise if all of these individuals come back to join and take their place to make the most out of these different features that have been added to the new Google Inbox.

Decide Which Notifications You Want

With these new Buzz features from Google, users have the right to decide which notifications they want delivered to their primary inboxes and which ones they do not want. All of this can be achieved through settings. So, all you can do is to use your settings to get rid of notifications and chats you do not want or use the mute feature to mute the whole conversation. Using Gmail today is exciting, and you just need to come along and realize how amazing your life can get.