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Microsoft has been struggling to win a spot in the heart of the everyday consumer. It has tried to do so with the release of the Zune player, Windows Mobile and so on. However, times have changed and Microsoft’s time of glory has arrived with the launch of its stellar Surface Pro series.

The beginning of the Surface Pro line

The first Surface Pro device was launched in 2012 and it immediately intrigued consumers. Although Microsoft’s expectations were high, consumers were not pleased with the Surface Pro’s overall design and features so the company ended up counting their losses.

A new and improved version then rolled out, but even with all of those extra improvements, the sales were disappointing once more. However, Microsoft did not quit so in 2015 the company decided to roll out a 3rd variant of the Surface Pro device. This meant a bigger display, a finer looking chassis and an enhanced keyboard. Tech enthusiasts were thrilled about Microsoft’s new release and the good reviews kept on coming. Besides having a stunning design, this device was also a powerful one. It easily became the number one choice for all users and it quickly replaced the laptop.

And even if this device was reproduced by the likes of Apple (take the iPad Pro for instance) and Lenovo, the Surface Pro 3 is still one of a kind. Microsoft is now convinced that it is on the right track with its gizmo and the company will not stop here. Microsoft is planning on eliminating its competition and it will do so with the roll out of its brand new Surface Pro in October.

The Surface Pro 4 can easily become the champ and win over consumers worldwide. Laptop devices will be obliterated while the Surface Pro 4 will shine. It’s just up to Microsoft to play its cards right.