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WeChat and WhatsApp are the two most popular social messaging platforms that have achieved worldwide popularity.

Thousands of users register almost every day. In fact, the popular Chinese Messenger app WeChat has created a history by crossing 60 million registered within just a limited period. On the basis of the recent report, it has come up that WeChat acquire more than 350 million users every month, and this number is constantly increasing. This messaging app is a native app of China which is known by the name of Weixin and therefore, there is no surprise that this app is one of the most rising and powerful application in China, Catering to the social needs of users. This app is famous across the globe and therefore, its services are not just limited to China only.

At present, WeChat is taking firm steps to establish itself on a global scale and for that, they have taken strong marketing strategies that will help them to establish their brand throughout the world. In some of the countries, they have signed up popular celebrities as their brand ambassadors to give a boost to their brand in the market. For all these techniques and strategies, WeChat is giving a very tough competition to some of the famous messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

Features of WeChat

Like other messaging apps, WeChat also offers the same features and benefits to people. It offers free voice calling, video calling, text messaging, photo sharing and various other options that make it one of the most powerful social media platforms where people can connect with their friends and family members. However, the best part of this messaging app is that it runs on all platforms which mean you can download this app for all operating systems. Some people may find it difficult to operate the app at a glance due to its various options and buttons. But, actually, it is not so difficult to operate. Once you set the contact list in your app, you can send messages to your friends.

The registration process in WeChat is quite simple. Users are only asked to give their phone numbers, and everything will be set automatically. Furthermore, WeChat offers many interesting chat options. Let’s have a look at them.

Group chat: WeChat offers group chatting option in which you can add up to 40 members. On the other hand, in WhatsApp, a user can add up to 30 members only.

Video and voice calling features: WeChat supports HD video and voice calling that can run on 3G network and WiFi.

Voice messaging option: Get freedom from typing on your phone’s keypad. WeChat has come up with a hold to talk button through which you can send a message by voice recording. You just need to tap on the button to record your message.

A social networking platform: WeChat offers a broad social networking platform through which you can connect with your friends on Facebook. This same feature is offered by WhatsApp as well.

Apart from these fabulous features, you can connect with friends from different parts of the world. The network of WeChat is not only restricted to your friend’s network only. Rather, it brings you the list of people that are the active and registered users of WeChat irrespective of any country or state.

All these features help WeChat to get immense popularity within a very short period of time. Moreover, the makers of this app are constantly working on it to introduce more advanced and improved features to its users so that they can get the most out of it. Recently, an exciting feature of WeChat has been released that allows users to share their thoughts and comments with friends in an amazing way. This feature is quite similar to Facebook’s timeline.

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