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The Google Now on Tap feature can be soon experienced by all of those who are using Android M preview 3. As soon as Google delivers the Google App version 5.3, you can start experiencing this brand new functionality.

According to multiple sources, those who own gizmos running on Android 4.4 + will receive the update. But, supposedly only devices with the Android Marshmallow preview 3 will get to reap the benefit of this update.

Let’s go back a few months and recall the fact that Google did say that the Now On Tap element will not be available in the Android M preview testing. However, all cues indicate the fact that Google might have other plans in mind. Moreover, this new update also rolls out the scrolling app drawer that targets the Google Now Launcher.

At the Google I/O expo back in May, Google made public its intentions on releasing the Google Now on Tap as well as the Android M, as noted by Tech Times. The former functionality permits you to look up the information you need and you don’t even have to leave your active app while performing this action. So, no matter what type of information you need, Google Now on Tap is there to serve you whether you want to find out the name of a new restaurant or a song that is playing.

Google can show you apps from your phone that may help with what you’re doing based on your context-IMDb for movie reviews, OpenTable for reservations, and many more”. “We hope Now on tap can make your phone a little bit smarter and help you get things done quicker and in far fewer steps,” Aparna Chennapragada (CEO of product management of Google) concluded.

So in order to see if this update is up for grabs, head on to the Google Play Store or see if you can get the APK file from APKMirror.