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Facebook is the leading provider of social networking services across the globe thanks to its over 3 billion user base that comes courtesy of the Messenger app, WhatsApp, Instagram and the core Facebook app.

In the latest developments, the company is exploring further ways of boosting its revenue as it has yet to monetize any of the services mentioned above beyond the advertising services it offers its users on the main site. The company will be offering free tools that encourage small businesses to become advertisers.

The business that maintains Facebook pages will receive these features that make it easier for them to receive notifications as well as respond to any of their clients, especially on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets have taken over the world of communication gadgetry, and businesses have no choice but to streamline their services in a way that they can easily be accessed by clients via these mobile devices.

New Facebook pages update brings user-friendliness on mobile devices

The latest update of Facebook pages has come in to make things easier for business persons. The new features have been designed in a way that they make the pages more user-friendly as far as mobile devices are concerned. Furthermore, there is a much bigger and conspicuous action button that eases the whole process of shopping online or booking an appointment.

There is more to the new Facebook pages for Android and iOS users. Once you update to the latest version, you will notice a new section that showcases all products that are sold by the business as well as the services on offer. Also, the mobile version will also get new tabs to help with the quick finding of information.

New ways of connecting with customers via the Facebook page

When Facebook was making this news public last Tuesday, it revealed that it would also make way for new techniques of connecting business owners and customers. For instance, whenever a comment is made on a Facebook page, it will be possible for a business owner to respond to the client with a private message rather than reply to the comment. If your business is swift in responding to messages (5 minutes on average) and responds to up to 90% of the messages, it will get a green badge.

These are the latest developments in the recent attempts by Facebook to court small business owners. The Pages feature is not a premium offering for Facebook users and in you will benefit from features like hours of operation. But Facebook wants to make it more than just a page and turn into a destination for online consumers and an all-around mobile presence solution to all small and medium business owners.

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