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WhatsApp 2.12.278 APK is the latest version of this messaging app.

This beta version is packed with fixes for the bug that has been threatening the users of WhatsApp Web on PCs. In addition, this new APK comes with numerous improvements that are aimed at giving the Android users of the messenger quality stability when chatting and calling friends.

The major highlight of this new update is the fixes that are aimed at taking care of the Web client security vulnerability, a bug that was targeting more than 200 million people who use this application for chatting on their computers. At the moment, this application is not available for direct download from the Google Play Store; however, it is all over the internet.

No major changes in new WhatsApp 2.12.278 beta

It is not the first time we have seen Facebook developers roll out WhatsApp updates in quick successions. In fact, this has kind of become a common thing for this social media giant. As a result, do not expect wholesale changes on the newly released version of WhatsApp 2.12.278 APK as it only features some minor improvements and bug fixes.

The new version is focused on enhancing the stability of the Android version as well as fixing common errors in the app. In the change log, you will notice that at least 260 files have been modified, something that has had an increasing effect on the size of the APK.

The new version has not made any changes on the recently introduced features of the messaging app. The new emojis and custom notifications settings are still available on this new version. In addition, it is still possible to save or message a friend directly from inside a chat once your chat mate sends you a contact card of your friend. The feature that allowed the users to mark messages as either read or unread is still active on this new APK file and so is the ability to reduce the amount of data used during WhatsApp voice calls.

WhatsApp Web 0.1.4481 is the fixed version

As noted earlier, WhatsApp 2.12.278 APK also comes in with some fixes for the vulnerable Web client. A major security flaw had been discovered in the PC client that had a lot to do with user privacy. Using the vulnerability, hackers could easily take control of a victim’s PC and deny them access to certain information. In extreme cases, the hackers would demand for cash in order to relinquish the rights to access the info back to the victim.

A hacker just needs to have the phone number of the victim and with this number; he will send a message in the form of a vCard. When the victim opens this innocent-looking vCard, the malicious code that is embedded in it starts to install on the PC, spreading malwares such as bots, RATs, ransomware and others. These are what make it possible for the hacker to access and eventually take control of your PC.

The good news is that there is a new version of WhatsApp Web 0.1.4481 which contains fixes to this bug. Once you update to the latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.278 APK, you will be able to access the latest and updated Web client via your desktop. The updated version will keep you safe, but still, you are advised to delete the cache and history of your browser in order for the update to be successful.

WhatsApp 2.12.278 APK is available for free download

Even though WhatsApp 2.12.278 APK is not available in the Play Store, it can still be downloaded from numerous websites across the web. However, make sure you trust the page you visit as some may be infested with virus and malware. One recommended website where you can get all of your APK downloads is APKMirror.

Remember that in order to install an APK file; you must make some tweaks to your Android settings. In the Security or Apps settings, check the “Unknown sources” option so that the APK file can be installed on your device. However, make sure you revert to the previous settings once you are done with installation. Also, you need to remove the currently installed version before you proceed with installing this new WhatsApp 2.12.278 Beta.

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