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Today, a lot of messaging apps have come in the market catering to the needs of people.

These apps have offered extensive ways for people to connect with their friends and relatives on social media platforms. Facebook Messenger, Viber with over 200 million active users across the globe have come up with different approaches such as group chat and public chat options where they can add up to 50 members and start discussing on any topic or subject. These apps have offered direct messaging service through which you can not only end text messages but also share photos, video and other social media contacts with friends.

Viber has launched public chat that opens the platform for live conversations where users can make live video chatting with friends and relatives. However, to participate in the public chat, users must have their registered official account. This step has been considered as the first step of Viber to develop a social network platform. Some other popular apps like Facebook messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. have already introduced this feature called Public Chat, and all of them have received a commendable response from customers. In fact, Facebook Messenger gained 500 million users, WhatsApp 400 million users and the like.

Public chat of Viber has launched a list of global celebrities with whom users can talk. However, this feature will only be availed for Android users, and the company has assured that this feature will work on Viber versions 4.0 or 5.0 and higher.

How to enable Public Chat option on Viber?

To enable public chat on your Android device, click to select public chat option from the main menu and then tap the compass icon to find a list people who follow the public chat. You can choose your favorite celebrities and follow them.

With this new feature, users of Viber get a new social media platform to connect with their favorite stars and celebrities. People who opt to use Viber as a communication platform can now share their thoughts and talk with people on social media channels as well.

This public chat will enlist people who are capable of creating some interesting chats and not just follow celebrities only. Creating interesting chats will attract people and enable them to participate in it. For now, not everyone can be a part of the Public Chat, only those whose conversations or topics they feel interesting and good for public discussion can get such an opportunity. According to a report, Viber has successfully enlisted 5 million people into its Public chat list.

Viber has taken such a step for mainly two reasons — first, to bring more engaging users to Viber and second, popularize this app across the globe. Besides these two reasons, keeping itself apart from other messaging apps is the key aim of Viber marketers.

The makers of Viber have also made it clear that it is a way of serving ads. Unlike WeChat and SnapChat that show pop up ads on the screen of the app, Viber has no such intention and like other chat options, this public chat is another feature of Viber catering to the needs of people. However, it does not mean that the brands cut from Public chat on Viber as it was happened with Instagram and Twitter. If you want, you can post an advertisement or content on the public chat.

This feature of Viber will be available for now for android users only, and it is hoped that its Windows and iOS versions will soon roll out in the near future. For now, Android users can use this new social media platform of Viber.