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The iPhone 6S is an update to the iPhone 6, so the changes aren’t really visible on the outside. Apple improved its processor and camera and added 3D Touch technology to the Retina screen. Below, you’ll find out more about the new iPhone with its changes and you’ll decide whether it’s worth buying it.

Design and Displays

In addition to the Space Gray, Silver and Gold available colors, Apple brought a Rose Gold version of the iPhone 6S. Its casing is thicker because the company used 7000 series aluminum, which is more durable, which means that the device no longer has bending issues. But, the iPhone 6S is taller (138.3mm compared to 138.1mm), wider (67.1mm compared to 67mm) and thicker (7.1mm compared to 6.2mm), while the 3D Touch technology which was integrated into the screen, also increased the weight of the device, which has now 143grams – with 14grams more than the iPhone 6. This feature detects different levels of pressure and depending on how hard or gently a user taps on the screen, the device will perform different functions. However, the screen has the same size and resolution as the iPhone 6: 4.7-inch with 750 x 1334 pixels at 326 ppi.


Apple had one year to work on a new chipset, and A9 offers amazing results. The processor is 70 percent faster than the previous one, while the GPU is 90 percent speedier, being very responsive when running 3D games. The good news is that the RAM capacity is now double and this will seriously improve the overall performance. The internal memory has the same variants with capacities of 16, 64 and 128GB, but the new OS has a file size of only 1.3GB, being reduced from 4.58 GB, as the iOS 8 had.


Apple has released iOS 9 with new features, such as a new battery-saving Low Power mode, handwriting support for Notes, personalized News app, six-digit passcode support and Metal API.


Unfortunately, all the rumors saying that the iPhone 6S will feature a bigger battery of 1,810mAh proved to be wrong, but Apple worked on a new saving mode which extends the life by 3 hours. However, both of the cameras have been upgraded and their resolutions are 12MP (back) and 5MP respectively. In addition, the iPhone 6S can record 4K videos and has a new feature called Live Photos.