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Google is the company behind the leading search engine as well as the global leader as far as mobile operating system popularity is concerned.

The company controls more than 50% of the mobile market, with Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry following from a distance. Android OS has been discovered to be on more than 70% of smartphones that are in use across the globe. On every Android phone, there is a Google Play Store, a market where users of this operating system can shop for premium apps as well as download free apps.

In order to pay for the premium apps, Google introduced a service known as Google Wallet, which required users to associate their banking cards to it in order to make online payments on the platform. Many users had fallen in love with this tool as it offered a very simplified way of making in-app purchases.

Android Pay to replace Google Wallet

There is a new animal in town, and it goes by the name of Android Pay. A service that was first made open to the public during the announcement of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, this new application comes into rival the more established Apple Pay.

Google has actually revamped the new Wallet app by giving it a green hue and crisper look with what seems like a new logo. In fact, what is happening here is that the Android Pay app is being paved the way for. What this means is that as the company will be busy rolling out the new Android Pay app to the public, those with need for keeping hold of the old Google Wallet can still make use of the brand new download. The app will still offer peer to peer payment services even after the new Android Pay app is introduced via the upcoming Android M.

Android Pay is geared towards vendor payments

Unlike the old Google Wallet, the new Android Pay is more inclined towards making vendor payments. In fact, the service has been doing well within the operating system and in this way; users will be able to enjoy faster tap-to-pay services on offer when making online purchases. This new app also does away with the need for launching the main app in order to make a payment.

However, the revamped Google Wallet app still offers some amazing services that you’d expect to find in any payment app, for instance, forwarding cash to an associated bank account or debit card.