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The Clash of Clans September Update has been finally released, after Supercell has been teasing us this week. The update is already available for download and it comes with many changes and features. However, this is not a major update, as Supercell will be saving a big update for the upcoming ClashCon event that will be held in October 2015.

Below we’re going to give you a full list of the patch notes that this new update comes with:

– Spell Superiority and Clan War Tiebreaker have been added;
– The Poison, Lightning, Freeze and Earthquake spells have been improved;
– The Lightning Spell level 7 and wall level 25 have been added to Town Hall level 10;
– Total Destruction is now a Clan Wars tiebreaker (if the score is even at the end of a war, the clan with more destruction percentage in their best attacks will win the battle;
– The defense and attack tabs have been added to Clan tabs in the “War stats” so that you can quickly see all the best attacks in the war for either of the clans;
– The wall level 11 appearance has been revamped and it now looks awesome.

Lightning Spell

– The lightning spell level 7 is now doing big damage to buildings and troops;
– The damage for Lightning Spells level 5 and 6 has been increased;
– The lightning spell bolts will now stay closed together in order to miss so often;
– Lightning Spell level 6 is now available for Town Hall level 9 and above.

Poison Spell (reworked)

– The troops that are in Poison Spell will now take less damage at first, but the more they stay inside it, the more damage they will take;
– The Poison Spell damage has been increased and it will stay on the troops after they leave the “poisoned” zone;
– The Posion Spell is now reducing the attack rate of the defending Troops.

Earthquake Spell (reworked)

– The Eearthquake Spell deals more damage;
– Repeated Earthquake spell will now deal big damage to the same buildings;
– Four Eartquake Spells will destroy any level of Wall;
– From now on, if an Earthquake Spell has 25% damage, the first Earthquake Spell casted on a building will always deal the 25% of the maximum HP of that building. However, casting Earthquake Spell again on the same building will significantly reduce the damage of the spell.

Game Balancing

– The attacking troops will now engage the defending troops from further away;
– The Army Overview button is now also available from the Clan War Map;
– The Freeze Spell will also affect defending air troops;
– The Lava Hounds will no longer target air troops;
– The Titan II and Titan III Leagues can now buy 1 week shields from the shop.