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Recently, Apple unveiled a new tablet, two versions of a smartphone as well as a streaming-video box; devices that all look very familiar.

Even though they may be new in Cupertino’s gadgetry world, the features they come with are already on offering via rival products.

A giant iPad Pro with a display size of 12.9 inches was launched. Alongside this device were a keyboard and a stylus known as Apple Pencil, both of which are optional buys. Apple TV also received an update during this event, and now users can enjoy a remote control where they can use Siri to find their desired programs. During the same event, new Apple smartphones, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, we also released. While the two smartphones might be equipped with some of the best in terms of processing power and photography, there are very limited additions as compared to last year’s models, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Still, CEO Tim Cook insists that everything about these two phones has been changed, despite also admitting that the two loom very similar to the previous models. Furthermore, he adds that the Apple TV might be a very simple and provocative tool, but it is destined to change the way people interact with TV. According to him, the iPad Pro is the company’s best way of expressing its vision as far as the future of personal computing is concerned.

What’s new?

The iPhone was a deal-breaker for Apple when it was first launched back in 2007. Ever since its launch, nothing much about the functionality and design of the device has changed. This has not stopped millions and millions from joining the bandwagon, with the latest booming market for Apple being China.

In recent market researchers, it has been determined that the iPhone is the major source of income for Apple, accounting for at least 65% of the total sales. In a bid to lower its over reliance on the iPhone, Cupertino has been very busy looking at what other competing companies are doing in the same market space, for instance, Microsoft.

The new iPhone 6S features a brand new rose gold color option in addition to 3D Touch technology, which is the same technology that was introduced on the Apple Watch as Force Touch. There is a new snapper on this device in addition to a new Live Photos service that captures a few seconds of the moment before and after taking a picture. In the end, the display looks like a video of the snapshot.

Microsoft and Amazon have already been there

While Apple might be content with their newest additions in the smartphone arena, there are some tech pundits who weren’t quite impressed with Apple. Terms such as “underwhelming” features, “lackluster” iPhone 6S as well as “more disappointments than positive surprises” have been used to describe the Apple event, and the new smartphones rolled out last Wednesday.

Now that there was nothing much coming from the smartphone end, all attention turned to the newest tablet and streaming box – the iPad Pro and Apple TV. However, the features that these two devices come with are not any new to the users as rival companies have already offered them to users.

Is Apple showing a lack of innovation?

One good example is the new iPad Pro. While the tablet’s biggest selling points might be its ability to multitask, a larger screen and an additional keyboard and stylus, all of these features have been available on the Microsoft Surface tablet, which has been around for quite some time now.

On the other hand, the Apple TV’s main additions came in the shape of voice navigation, a feature that is already offered on Amazon Fire TV. In addition, the new streaming box includes the ability to carry out searches on streaming services. However, this service is already available on Hulu and Netflix.

Honestly, the new Apple TV is a massive improvement when compared to the previous model as it has included the most recent features. However, there is nothing new it brings that has not been there before.

Nevertheless, Apple won’t be bothered by this playing catch-up as it has done so before and on all occasions, it has turned out a success. Cupertino was not the first to come up with the smartphone, tablet or digital audio player technology. However, its successive launches of the iPod in 2001, followed by the iPhone in 2007 and finally the iPad in 2010 managed to change the markets thanks to the company’s stylish designs and sleekness.

Perhaps Apple will benefit from the fact that it’s “learning” from its competitors before coming into the same market. It has done so with the Apple Watch, the mega-sized iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, all of which have turned out to be some of the smartest moves the company has ever made. The iPhone 6 is the most popular Apple smartphone while the Apple Watch leads the way as far as sales of smartwatches are concerned.

Apple’s new mega-sized tablets may just be what the company needs to revive its iPad sales as the device might attract the business, class. On the other hand, the Apple TV has been priced at just $149, which is a new way of the company bringing on board users in the lower earning scale, but only if developers come with more apps for this device.