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Line, the Japanese messaging app continues to introduce new features and services for its users and now it has officially released the Android launcher app.

This app takes complete control of the Android device and it has been released mainly for Android phones. Facebook, like the other messaging apps, is in the process of introducing this app, but it has been first released by Line, which was run by camp mobile division in its early stage and has since been rebranded as Line with updated and improved features.

With the new and improved features of Line, users can easily put stickers on wallpapers and edit them to give a customized look to their accounts. They can also edit the positions of the app icons on their devices along with the features of widget shortcuts, integrated search feature as well as utility apps.

Line recommends its users to download the Launcher app on their mobiles and avail the features of Line chat app. For now, this app has not been integrated much and it is hoped that things will be optimized in the near future. This year the app has made many new updates to promote its brand throughout the world. These are location sharing, photo sharing, lightweight chat feature, video/voice calling features and so on to attract more users. On the basis of a recent report, Line has amassed more than 6 million users across the globe, which shows that these efforts were not in vein; rather it brought them success for which they were trying for a long time.

What is the role of Android A launcher app?

Line A Launcher app truly proves useful for the users as it helps them to reach those people who are not instant messaging app users. This is an extraordinary feature of this app which has made it popular throughout the world. Moreover, it helps the active Line Users to become more active.

With this app, users can participate or create group chat where they can add up to 30 members. Moreover, its premium calling feature gives an added advantage to its users. This feature is available in Line’s latest version 5.4.0 which users can easily download from the Google Play store. Similarly, the Android A launcher of Line can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The company has announced that this new feature of Line will now be available for the Android users only and later it will be introduced for the iOS users as well. With this new app, the user interface design of Line has been changed and it shows tagged friends, chat options, timeline and many more on its navigation bar so that the users can easily find the features of Line.

The users of Line app can directly call friends from their Line profiles. They only need to tap on the ‘call friend’ option and they can make calls easily. The users can make calls to even the non-line users. For this, they need to sync their Line contact list to make calls to the non-line users. This feature of this app has got good response from its users as it has been listed in Google Play Store, which clearly indicates that this update made considerable improvements to its new features such as HD quality video and audio calling.

When anyone taps on its call button, he or she can see their call history. In fact, you can also check how many times you called a particular person or contact. You can easily see the contact list by tapping on that button. Therefore, you can call your friends and relatives on Line by following simple and easy steps.