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On Wednesday, Apple released the iOS 9 to the supported iPhones and iPads, after the new operating system has been announced in June. As expected, not all users will get it simultaneously, so, instead of waiting for the new OS to be rolled out to their devices, they can manually download and install it.

iOS 8 came with a file size of 4.58 gigabytes and many users who have devices with 16GB of internal memory complained that the update took up too much memory. Therefore, Apple had to reduce the size of the iOS 9 to 1.3GB and the users rushed to manually download the update by going to Settings>General>Software update.

Here are some of the improvements that iOS 9 comes with.

Extended Battery life

iOS 8 had some serious problems with the battery life and on paper, the iPhone 6 lasted 14 hours when making calls over 3G. iOS 9 will solve this problem by extending the life of the iDevices by three hours, thanks to the new Low Power Mode. There are also some sensors which detect when the iPhone has its face down on a table. Even if the device receives notifications, these sensors will save power in order to extend the battery life.

Smarter Siri

Siri is the intelligent assistant which takes voice commands. Apple made it smarter, so now, it’s able to find photos taken from certain place or year/month or even remind you to do something, such as getting the cup of coffee off the roof of your car when you’re getting in.


This feature has been introduced in iOS 8, but now, it will include new tracking capabilities, related to sun exposure, hydration and reproductive health.

Multitasking Features

The compatible iPads, including the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, will receive new features such as Split View (it allows running two applications at once, on the same screen) and Picture in Picture (to watch movies or when you’re using another application).

Better Search

iOS 9 will have the ability to search deep within applications, will navigate through emails, contacts, the web and will provide results very fast.

Other Changes

The new font is called San Francisco, Apple Maps contains public transit directions and Newsstand was replaced with Apple’s News app.

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