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Facebook made an announcement last month that it was going to launch a new SDK tool kit that is aimed at helping the developers of iOS 9 get ready for the launch of this new Apple OS.

Apple will be releasing the iOS 9 on September 16 and the developers of this operating system will be glad to know that Facebook has already had them in their minds. Last Thursday, Facebook revealed that it had made public the latest version of this new SDK developer kit.

If you are a developer and you utilize features such as Facebook Login, analytics of apps, app events, Facebook and Messenger sharing, app invites, native like as well as app links, you have no option but to take the required steps in joining this platform.

New Facebook SDK is compatible with Xcode 7 and iOS 9

As noted earlier, the latest revelation from Facebook is meant for those who want to develop various applications for the incoming iOS 9. In addition to compatibility with iOS 9, the newly introduced Facebook SDK tools also support Xcode 7 and App Thinning via the inclusion of bitcode.

Furthermore, the latest update comes with a logic which automatically set the default experience on iOS 9 to the best available. What this means is that the SDK dialogs for Facebook and Messenger sharing, logging into Facebook, app invitations, app events, among others, will automatically determine the best experience to offer on the device.

Here is what you need to do to stay updated

Facebook has laid down a detailed process of how the developers who wish to use the new SDK tool kit can stay up to date. The first thing involves downloading the latest version of the SDK for iOS 9, which is either v3.21 or v4.6.

The new iOS 9 roll out comes in with a new feature known as App Transport Security (ATS), which needs users to whitelist their Facebook domains in the application’s list. If this is not taken care of, security errors will start showing up in the log whenever your app makes an attempt to show login or share an experience.

Go ahead and update your apps’ list so that it can handle the changes. In this way, it will be able to open the dialogs via the Facebook app, for instance, Facebook login, sharing, invites, among others. Facebook has also made some updates to the guide to include some more details about the new iOS 9.

During last week’s Apple event, the company revealed that Facebook Messenger was coming to the Apple Watch. In addition, the company promised that Facebook will also be compatible with the new Live Photos feature of Apple.