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Unlike in previous years, a lot of leaks surrounding the new iPhone 6S has turned out to be true.

This, first and foremost, includes the12-megapixel camera, which comes as a major relief for many Apple fans. However, this is not the only improvement on the new iPhone 6S as it features a new technology for touch and many others.

3D Touch

The 3D touch is being portrayed by Apple as a revolution in the smartphone segment. The American giant has been credited with making several other innovative aspects that have later been copied by other manufacturers. This technology provides the user with the ability to peek a content without actually going into it. It works on the basis of pressure applied to the screen. When the device recognizes only a little amount of pressure, it provides a sneak peek into the content. When there is a substantial amount of pressure, it goes into the application or content.

Right now, Apple applications and a majority of the popular apps like Facebook have already rolled out support to this new feature. There is even a game that supports 3D touch in the best possible way. It may be a while before it gets universal recognition, and 3D touch becomes the way to go. For the time being, though, 3-D touch is likely to raise a lot of questions rather than answers.

4K Videos

The iPhone 6S comes with a new 12-megapixel camera in the rear, which is also supported by a brand-new five-megapixel shooter in the front. Innovative aspects in the camera department include the ability to use the retina display as a flash for the front camera. Even though it may not be the best substitute for an LED flash, it is a feature that will certainly help in lowlight selfies. At the back, the 12-megapixel camera not only can shoot content with more detail but it can also record 4K videos. This feature has been missed by Apple users for quite a while, but it finally makes an appearance on the iPhone 6S.

Live Photos

Apple claims that the addition of megapixels has not been at the cost of more noise in the pictures. The company claims that its advanced algorithm helps keep the noise levels in check. A feature called the Live Photos helps create pictures that are similar to animated gifs. These Live Photos work best when used alongside the 3D touch feature.     Just as with the ability to shoot 4K videos being a new aspect, the iPhone 6S also allows the user to edit these videos. This is made possible due to the new A9 chip, which is significantly faster than before.

The iPhone 6S will be amongst the first devices to get the iOS 9. Apple CEO Tim Cooks gave a huge positive news in terms of pricing. The iPhone 6S may get several new features, but it will be priced the same as the iPhone 6 when it was new.