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Daum Kakao, the CEO of Kakao Talk has acquired the popular social networking app called Path Talk.

It is a standalone social messaging platform that confirmed it has sold its flagship to Kakao Talk, the leading South Korean messaging app. This app has acquired more than 30 million users only in South Korea and 10 million users from other countries and it is mainly due to this reason that the makers of this app are in the process of developing this app so that it can expand its geographic reach and attract more users.

What is Path? How does it work?

This path is a San Francisco based social networking platform that sets up its base in Indonesia, one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia. This social networking app has around 10 million registered active users.

This acquisition of Kakao Talk is considered to be the biggest step to expand their wings in social media platforms. Daum, one of the largest search companies has merged with the Kakao messaging app in October, 2014. Daum kakao has merged with Path only because it strives to offer better connectivity to people so that they can easily connect with their friends and family members through different social media platforms. Moreover, it also helps it to grab the online market in Southeast Asia. These are the two main reasons for which Kakao talk has merged with Path, a popular social network. This collaboration will improve sharing, connecting and communicating on social media platforms.

Daum kakao has said that the collaboration has opened many new business approaches on the global scale and the company will introduce more advanced features and apps in the near future. Kakao, even in its early days has proved that this messaging app can be an excellent platform for selling games, stickers and other merchandise. Some of the popular messaging apps like Line and WeChat successfully established their dominance in those countries following this idea. WeChat has around 400 million monthly users, whereas Line gained 160 million users.

Features of KakaoTalk

Kakao talk introduced many new features catering to the needs of people. Secret Chat, a new and exciting feature of this messaging app that allows the users keep their conversations secret. This feature also comes with a twist to decline chat invites. Through this app, users can decline chat requests and also turn down future chat invites in the chat room in which they don’t want to participate. This feature will now be available in the Android phones only and a new version will roll out soon for the iOS version.

KakaoTalk also introduced chat backup and restore facility that allow the users to back up their conversations on their devices and also restore upon the reinstallation of the app. The Android users can find this option in the lab settings where chat logs are restored in the mobile device. Similarly, the iOS users can find these options in the settings menu and the chat logs are stored in iClouds.

Kakao Talk has also introduced KakaoTV, a social video service for its users. This video service allows the users to share videos and contents through it without leaving the app. It means you can share videos or other contents while continuing chats with friends. Along with KakaoTV, Kakao search option has been introduced that let users to search contacts through it. This makes searching contacts easy as well as convenient.

With all these features, KakaoTalk has reached a wide scale of people across the globe. It has gained more than 200 million users within a short period of time. Moreover, the services of KakaoTalk have not only been confined to South Korea, but also other countries as well.