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If the curved screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ won’t turn you on, the features included in this super-amazing smartphone definitely will.  

Samsung happens to be among the pioneers of curved screen displays as far as Android phones are concerned and the company has been very swift in rolling out two models that come packed with lots of fancy features. The latest model is Galaxy S6 Edge+, which is basically the bigger and more established brother of the Galaxy S6 Edge, which was made public back in March.

When the two are compared, you will notice the Edge+ is a bit larger than the Edge thanks to the 5.7 inches of display on the former and 5.1 inches on the latter. However, both devices are equipped with an equal QHD resolution. The display you get with these devices is one-of-a-kind, especially when compared with the usual HD displays. The colors have also been toned down in a move to improve the color accuracy.

What’s with the curved display of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+?

The curved display of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ has not just been included on this phone for show-off purposes. Rather, this screen can also be used to access up to five contacts when you want to message or call them. Things would have been much better if it were possible to associate the curved edges to services such as Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

In addition to quickly accessing your favorite contacts, it is possible to assign each contact a different color. In this way, the edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will show a different color whenever each of the associated contact calls or messages you, even if the phone is facing down. Other than accessing five favorite contacts, the curved edges also allow users to access five favorite apps, which is not possible with any of the other Samsung Galaxy models.

Superior camera

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ has one of the best shooters in the smartphone industry. Whether one is a novice or pro, getting started with capturing photos on this smartphone is very easy as the default setting does just about everything in a perfect way.

You will come across a 16MP snapper with in-built optical image stabilization to ensure that no photo or video is blurred. However, this feature only affects the back camera. There is no problem as far as shooting photos in poor lighting conditions is concerned thanks to the large aperture on offer, which is f/1.9. On the front face there is a 5MP snapper with a similar aperture, making the art of taking selfies extremely enjoyable.

Samsung also added a feature to the Galaxy S6 Edge+ that it did not include on the S6 Edge model – Live Broadcast. Using this feature, the S6 Edge+ users can easily stream live videos to any other contact using YouTube. Either the front or back camera can be used for the streaming purposes without experiencing any hiccups.

Bigger battery for longer life

The major issue that put some users off the Galaxy S6 Edge is its battery unit. However, Samsung moved in swiftly to address this issue by equipping the Galaxy S6 Edge+ with a 3000mAh battery unit to ensure that it lasts longer with its QHD display. Furthermore, the Exynos processor on the Edge+ is more power efficient than that installed on the S6 Edge model.

Bottom line

If you are really in need of an Android smartphone that is jam-packed with features, look no further than Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. With this Samsung flagship, you will be sure of speed, amazing display screen, a stunning camera, a longer battery life as well as an intuitive UI.

However, one thing that might scare you off is the price of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. However, if you can afford the cost, you will be the owner of one of the best ever creations in the handset industry.