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Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, on Thursday the 28th of August, 2015 made an announcement that for the very first time there are more than one billion individuals who have used the social media site in a day.

The counter reached this milestone in the early hours in the week, which was on the 24th August, 2015.

Almost 1.5 billion Facebook users sign in at least once every month, based on Facebook reports. However, Monday gladly marked the very first time when more than 2/3rd of the members of the site used it on the very same day. Since the launch of Facebook in the year 2004, it has seen a stratospheric growth. In October, 2012 it counted its one billion user reach. So, this seems to show how well the social media site is doing.

Even though growth is a continuous process all over the world, Facebook seems to be expanding its reach more in the United States of America, India, and Europe as well as in more African countries. This is not surprising, because it has channelized all of its energy and focus to wining more African and Asian members as well as members from Latin America. This is being done through the introduction of new features to make the social media site accessible and loved by as many, all over the world, as possible.

“Reaching one billion people in one day is nothing to be marveled at; however, in a lot of ways, Facebook just stands for another successful step in the evolutionary journey of automatic mass communication technologies”, according to the Principal Analyst at Pund-IT  – Charles King.

A very open and well linked world has the level of potential to be a great world, because it could bring a very strong relationship and also a very strong economy – Mark Zuckerberg made clear in his post.

Mark, however, didn’t address how making use of Facebook to share daily pictures and doings will contribute to a strong economy or a better world which is very true.

Bottom Line

Facebook has proven and shown the world how successful it can be as a social media site. Day in and out, there are more and more people signing up to be members. This shows how far it will be as in a few years to come. This billion milestone will reach two billion very soon.