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Apple has managed to reinvigorate its iPhone range following its decision to increase the screen size to 4.7 inches – and even beyond with iPhone 6 Plus.

The company now seems keen on securing this new-found enthusiasm with a range of features that would endear the iPhone 6S even more.

Familiar Design

As per the Apple cycle, not many design changes were expected on the iPhone 6S, and this has proved to be the case. The phone looks very similar to the predecessor albeit for the small ‘s’ logo just below the iPhone text in the back. This is unlikely to leave many disappointed since the iPhone 6 was one of the best-looking smartphones in the market. Some were unhappy with the protruding camera in the predecessor, but it appears that this feature is set to stay for a while. The iPhone 6S also has the familiar feature, which can be viewed as being inconvenient by some.

3D Touch

The headline feature on the iPhone 6S seems to be the 3D touch, which Apple is portraying as the next generation of multitouch. It is an extremely responsive display technology, which can alter the content based on the level of pressure applied on the screen. Apple has used to this aspect extensively to offer sneak peeks about content or even dive right into it when the pressure is high. This multitouch feature is made possible due to the use of a new Taptic Engine, which can refresh at a much faster pace than previously possible in the industry.


For long periods, the iPhone has had the tried and trusted eight-megapixel camera in the rear. Even though new features have been introduced into this shooter, it has become a bit outdated as compact phones like the Xperia Z5 come with 23-megapixel shooters. Further, the lack of new technologies like 4K video recording also made the iPhone at a serious disadvantage in the camera department. Apple has retained all the good aspects of the previous camera while introducing a new 12-megapixel shooter in the rear. Aside from the huge bump in megapixel count, this camera also features latest trends like the ability to capture 4K videos.

Other Developments

Just as with every other generation, the iPhone 6S has a new processor beneath the new camera and display. Apple claims that the A9 chip is significantly faster than before, and this will allow the phone to handle 4K editing on-the-fly. This is made possible because of up to 70% increase in CPU performance and 90% increase in GPU performance. The processor is also a desktop class 64-bit processor, and it will be able to provide the best possible experience of the iOS 9. Other aspects like fingerprint recognition technology have received incremental updates to make them fail proof and more user-friendly. More importantly, prices of the new iPhone 6S will remain similar to that of the predecessor. The iPhone 6S in the 16 GB version will cost $649 to start with.