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The true ascension of WhatsApp started in 2014, after the application was bought by Facebook and it received new features every once in a while. The most important feature, which everyone was expecting is the Voice Calling, which was introduced at the beginning of this year, while Line supported this feature ever since its launch, in March 2011. So, which application you should install?


Line is a free application, while WhatsApp will charge you after the trial period of 1 year expires, so every year, you will need to pay 99 cents, to keep your account.

Supported files

On Line, you are allowed to send images, videos, music, voice audio files etc. In addition, the application offers a bunch of emoji, stickers and emoticons and you can even share your location with your friends. WhatsApp has all these options, but it addition, it allows you to send contacts.


Both applications support voice calls. A few months ago, Line launched an application for Android devices called Popcorn buzz, and it supports group calls with up to 200 members. WhatsApp had some problems with the voice calling feature because at first, it had lags, echoes and it consumed a lot of mobile data.


On WhatsApp, you will use your mobile number to get verified and once the account is activated, the application scans your phone book for numbers associated with WhatsApp, in order to add them to your list of contacts. On Line, you can register using your Facebook account or your phone number.


WhatsApp is available for the major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40, Symbian and even Tizen, but it can be used on computers as well, as a web client, but it works only with three browsers: Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Line can be installed on devices running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Nokia Asha and Firefox OS. It can be installed on computers, but you will need a mobile phone to access your account.