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It seems that the upcoming Need For Speed (2015) game will be released only for the Xbox One and PS4 consoles, this year. Ghost Games Games, the studio that is responsible for the development of this upcoming game, said that the release date of the Need For Speed (2015) PC version will be delayed until Spring 2016.

The developer said that the game is delayed in order to meet the demands of the PC gaming community. Ghost Games said that they are united by one common passion and that’s to deliver the best Need For Speed experience possible. Currently, the development company doesn’t feel that the game is ready to be released for the PC version. After reading the Facebook and Twitter comments, or after joining the discussion about the game on Reddit, the guys that are working for Ghost Games said clearly that this upcoming game is very important for the fans.

This made the developer to have second thoughts about the release date of the Need For Speed (2015) for PC. It seems that one of the main things that the fans want to see in the upcoming game is an unlocked frame rate. However, this can be done only if the game is delayed until the spring of 2016.

Ghost Games also said that by delaying the release date of the Need For Speed (2015) for PC, they will also be able to bring better visuals, but also, to make all content updates available for the PC gamers from day one. This has to be done in order to keep it on par with the console versions.

We’re sure that this news will not make the PC gamers happy, but it’s better for a game to suffer a slight delay instead of being broken right after the release. With other words, delaying the Need For Speed (2015) for PC until Spring 2016 is the best move that the Ghost Games developer can do.