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It is now official that Messaging Skype Beta app for Windows 10 Mobile has been updated with a new version.

The new messaging beta apps from Skype have been designed in a way that they unify the entire messaging experience of those using the new Windows 10 operating system, regardless of the device in use.

Skype has eventually been fully integrated into the new Windows 10 Mobile experience. What this means is that users of this instant messaging and calling application will now be able to initiate calls or chats via Skype on their PCs, iPhones, as well as on Android smartphones without the need of manually launching the Skype app on their devices.

Skype Video and Messaging Skype are still separate entities

One surprising thing about the latest developments by Microsoft is that even though the company has launched a new Messaging Skype application, the Skype Video app is still available as a separate application. Despite their standalone nature, they provide one of the best dynamic switching between them when it comes to offering services.

Messaging Skype Beta app brings new settings to the fold

The new update does not have a comprehensive change log with respect to this new update; however, it is noticeable that there are new settings added to this beta version for Windows 10 Mobile. It is now possible for the users to sign out of accounts, manage their info as well as find contacts.

Universal Skype for Windows 10 coming soon

Despite the differentiation that Microsoft has been introducing in its communications offering, the company still maintains that it will soon be coming in with a new universal Skype app meant for Windows 10 operating system. By universal, the company means that the application will work on all of the devices that will be installed with Windows 10 OS, be it a PC, tablet, phone or even a television set.

Despite the upcoming universal app, there is good in the efforts that Microsoft is putting in as far as integrating the Skype service within SMS messaging is concerned, especially for those who aren’t into Skype just for the sake of seeing calls and messages related to the application.

If you already have a device that has been updated with the latest Windows 10 Mobile, you can get the latest Messaging Skype Beta from the Windows Store and set it as your default messaging application, just like with the case of Google Hangouts on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above.