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Last two weeks marked the 20th Anniversary of Windows 95 launch.

However, most people tend to forget that Windows 95 didn’t only kick off the butt of Apple, it also kicked off the butt of IBM and it wasn’t even a product that was complete. It was just an operating system. A lot of us can be seen joining queues today, just to purchase a complete product. However, joining the queues to purchase the software that makes the product a complete one would just be like lining up to obtain the current software patch for your television or car.

It is particularly difficult to imagine these days since such things normally are obtained via the internet through downloads and due to this innovation, standing in long queues to wait for your turn to purchase is not needed. Nevertheless, if a firm or a company can make something happen once, that means it can make it happen again. Apple, without a doubt, took over the whole Smartphone market when it launched the iPhone, through a method identical to the one Microsoft made use of, for Windows 95. This is not to say that, Microsoft will initiate this – this is only to point out that it can.

Lesson from Windows 95

The funny thing about the success of Windows 95 is the fact that, everyone immediately ruled it out and considered it to be an accident – including Microsoft. Apple in making the iPhone, iPad and iPod in reality made use of these skills, but Microsoft never did again.

However, what Microsoft did very well was to make sure it focused on consumers more, made it very simple and also got the users to talk about it as a revolution before it was launched. This helped to push it to the top and although some people felt it was just a gimmick, it worked to gain the huge attention it ended up getting.

Bottom Line

Today, a lot of people do not feel so good using Windows Mobile devices and this is mainly due to the Android operating system that has proven to be more unique and easy to use. Also, there are some complications with Microsoft operating systems that get a lot of users confused. So, for Windows Phones or mobile devices to rise up and take over, a lot of thinking needs to go into the operating systems of these devices and also the features these devices come with as well as their cost.

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