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Google+ users will be glad to hear that this kind-of-struggling social networking site will be getting a new updated version with the latest features on board.

Even though Google has in the past admitted that it somehow made a huge mistake in launching this product, the company is still rolling out updates for the app. At the moment, many are expecting Google to end the service, but on the contrary, the company is continuously coming in with updates and new features. There’s a recent update that has crept in unannounced and it now makes it possible for Google Plus users to share content outside the application.

Google+ receives a new share option

If you still use Google+, you must have noticed a new feature in the newest version. It is now possible to share content from the app to other apps. This new share feature can only be accessed via the main Google+ app.

Google+ Collections added to the iOS platform, Android users to wait

The ability to share Google+ content on other applications is not the only update that Google Plus’ latest version is coming in with. Users of the new version on iOS devices will also come across a new feature known as Google+ Collections. In this new feature, the iOS users will easily be able to fill their news feeds with conversations and photos that are relevant to their personal interests.

Do the new Google+ features really matter?

The success of Google+ has been hindered by the dominant presence of Facebook and Twitter as the major social media platforms. There are even rumors that this application will soon face extinction, just like Google Wave and Google Buzz did. The company no longer prioritizes the opening of a Google+ account for its users and to even make matters worse for this social networking site, the search engine giant cut off the Hangouts and Photos apps from it, making them stand-alone apps. Furthermore, there is no any association between Google+ and YouTube accounts like there used to.

According to Android Police, the new version of Google+ will be v6.1, which goes in line with the upcoming Android 6.0 Marshmallow. What this means is that Google is looking for ways in which to ensure all of its applications comply with the newly introduced permission model of Android 6.0 M.

Whether these new additions will transform Google+ from being a boring application into something that is more desirable is still unknown, but honestly, they probably won’t. However, the update may change things as far as smooth running on the Android and iOS devices is concerned.