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Today, the life of every individual revolves around having and using an email account.

Due to how smooth and easy using the email accounts are, most people prefer to use Gmail clients, because it gives them better clarity and amount of spam mails is not as much as the other email clients. Google Inbox has always had its own unique benefits over the years. However, these features have increased over time and recently, the new change in how the email system operates has brought much light to Google Inbox. If you regularly use your Gmail, then you cannot afford to miss the new features of how it works now and also make the most out of those features.

Have Bundles for Your Friends’ Emails

Do you know you can create a unique bundle to receive only emails from your friends? Well, if you do not and keep searching for emails of specific loved ones and friends, it is time to have a category for friends with selected emails chosen under it. Doing this will make it very easy for these emails to be sent to the specific bundle, so you are saved from the stress of having to search for them over and over again. Just like you will have bundles for friends, there can also be bundles opened for business emails, emails from travelling sites, etc. All of these help to keep your email account looking clutter free and makes for easy reading through. Creating your own bundles is very easy, so you can try that from now and see how amazing re-modifying your email account will be.

You Still Have Your Primary Email

One other amazing feature you should never forget is that, even with all of these different tabs that can be created by you, the primary tab never shifts or changes. Now, there are three tabs, which are the Primary, Social and promotional. All of these have unique roles they play in making sure you do not need to worry about a cluttered email account.

Deleting Emails Is Easier Now

No matter how much the emails you want to delete are, you can do it easily with Gmail now. If you have gotten used to picking emails one by one and deleting them, you should try to delete them all at once, especially if you are deleting all emails in one bundle, etc. Should in case you do not want to delete these emails, you can archive them till when you feel you need to read them.