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Apple unveiled the new generation of Apple TV media streamer, which hasn’t been updated since 2012. Google didn’t have the desired success with Google TV, but the manufacturer didn’t give up and brought Android TV, which competes against the famous Roku brand. As for the Amazon Fire TV, soon it will have a successor, but currently, you can buy this model at the price of $99, while the stick costs $39. The Nvidia Shield Android TV can be ordered from Amazon, where it costs $199.99.

Applications and Services

All devices have their own app ecosystem, but the Roku streamer has a more established interface, being followed by the Amazon Fire TV, which offers hundreds of applications and applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, HBO etc. There are also applications for culture, weather and all kinds of media genres.

Google’s Android TV platform offers a rich collection of apps and services for the Nvidia Shield Android TV and Google Nexus Player, but the Roku is more generous with the offers. At its launch, the new Apple TV will come with Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime, and we’re curious how tvOS will behave and what other applications will be available for Apple’s platform.


The Fire TV and Roku 3 have remotes with built-in microphones which support voice control. Moreover, the latter added motion controls so you can play games and there’s a headphone jack, which will allow you to watch movies with your headphones, to not disturb those who are in the room and sleeping. However, the Fire TV comes with an optional gamepad controller, for a better gaming experience.

The Nexus Player and Nvidia Shield Android TV have remotes with microphones, but the latter offers a mic-equipped gamepad, while the remote is optional. To control the PlayStation TV, you can use a DualShock 3 or 4 gamepad or even the Bluetooth remote of the PlayStation 3.

The Apple TV has an improved remote with motion controls, a microphone and a touchpad, but it lacks a first-party gamepad option.


The Amazon Fire TV and Roku 3 come with a limited collection of casual titles, which can be played on smartphones. The Nvidia Shield Android TV supports many Android games and it streams PC games from the computer or laptop. The PlayStation TVwas built as a gaming system, supporting PS Vita, PSP, PSOne Classic or PlayStation Now titles. In addition, it can stream even PS4 games from the console, but you will not be very happy because of the Vita interface. As for the new Apple TV, the device will offer some exclusive titles, like the multiplayer version of Crossy Road, the new Beat Sports from Harmonix etc.