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Although it has been said that Apple TV might not be able to obtain the television content it needs to take over, it could still be one of the best products if it decided to inculcate gaming into its systems more, improve sound just like Nvidia Shield offers and include better digital assistants or voice covers, which has been showcased by Amazon’s Echo.

It will not be a surprise if Nvidia and Amazon have the time to watch out for the launch of Apple TV.

All about the New Apple TV

Apple launched some exciting products recently for its Intel Skylake PCs and laptops. Although there are many heads shaking and wondering what Apple is doing, the timing seems perfect. The iPhone 6S is also ready and the normally smart Apple customer will always wait for the S, because S models from Apple always have fixes to all the mistakes the earlier models had and annoyed users all over the world. So, this year has turned out to be an exciting year for the company.

However, out of all the products in line for the company to bring out, the most interesting is the revamped Apple TV. The previous product, although quite popular for something Apple never focused on so much, has surpassed its use where the date is concerned and needs to be re-energized.

The Main Issue on the Ground

The main problem is that, just like most other companies out there, Apple hasn’t been able to obtain the right content deals that are needed to make the update sink into the ears and hearts of its users all over the world. The companies that are capable of these deals have made sure they do not go anywhere else. So, Apple will need to find another way out to sell its Apple TV update.

This doesn’t mean hope is lost, because Apple can decide to pull out some inspiration from Amazon Echo and Nvidia Shield to have a fallback method designed with the current content deal issues it has. For every company with the aim of bringing out or establishing a new set-top box, there is a huge challenge. This doesn’t mean hope is lost.

Apple’s Plan to Fix This

Apparently, Apple has been considering creating its very own TV shows and movies to show on its TV. This is a great idea; however the probability of that working is where the problem can be found. This is because that is not the core competence of Apple.