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WhatsApp is not a new app; it has been around for about six years now. People have grown to know a lot about this app and in fact, it has become a regular app in many people’s phones.

There are currently over 900 million people that make use of this application actively on a monthly basis. This figure represents an increment of at least 100 million since the last announcement, which came in April. There is no doubt that a lot can be said about this messaging and voice calling app and its popularity.

But here is the big deal. Many users of WhatsApp come in contact with the messaging and voice calling services that this application offers. Very few go beyond this provision in a bid to find out what is in store as far as features are concerned. The app offers more than these messaging and calling features, and if you want to spice up your user experience with this messenger, you are in the right place.

We have put together a few critical tips and tricks that you can make use of in a bid to get rid of the stagnation that WhatsApp is messaging and calling may be offering.

Freeze your last seen status

It is now possible to make your WhatsApp last seen status stagnant. Many online applications will tell your friends when was the last time you were online, or even show them if you are online. This might at times lead to some problems, especially when it comes to relationships, as some would not like to be seen when online.

WhatsApp allows this to happen, but there is a trick involved. First, you must disable your internet connection and then launch the app. Enter your message and hit the send button. Once this is done, reconnect to the internet source and the message will be sent to the intended recipient. However, the time that will accompany the message will be the first when you attempted to send the message without an internet connection, which consequently affects your last seen status.

Using WhatsApp without a SIM card

While this might be sounding absurd, it is possible. WhatsApp can be used without any SIM card; however, you must firstsetup the account and activate using a SIM card. Once the setup and verification of account are done, you can get rid of the SIM card, insert another SIM card into the phone and use it to connect to the internet. As long as your WhatsApp account remains activated and uninstalled from the original device, you will be able to receive and respond to messages over mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Send PDF and other files

WhatsApp allows users to attach files of up to 16MB. Of these files, only photos, videos and voice recordings can be shared. There is no provision for sharing PDF files, for instance, unless you install another tool known as WhatsTools.

Using WhatsTools, it is possible to attach PDF files as well as include file sizes of up to 1GB as opposed to the 16MB the app provides.

Know when your friends open your messages

WhatsApp introduced the blue ticks feature towards the end of last, with many mixed reactions following it later. Nonetheless, this addition has proved to be a worthy one to a number of users. Using this feature, users can easily know that a message has been read by the recipient. But did you know that the blue ticks can also give you details of the exact time the message was opened?

Well, to get this information, just press and hold on a message and then tap on the info (i) icon at the top of the screen. This will give you details of when this message was delivered to the recipient’s device and the exact time it was opened.

Find out who is blocking you

WhatsApp is aware of the privacy needs of its users. To this effect, the app has incorporated a privacy feature where users can easily block someone who they feel is a nuisance to them. When blocked, you will not be notified of the action or status. Furthermore, you won’t be able to send a message or call the person who is blocking you on WhatsApp.

There is a way you can tell if someone is blocking you, and it’s very easy. If you are an admin to any group, try adding the person you feel has blocked you to this group. You will know that your friend has blocked you when this process is unsuccessful. Also, you won’t be able to notice any changes in their profile pictures even if they update it as well as their last seen status.