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A new version of WhatsApp is now available for private beta testing on Windows 10 Mobile.

This application continues to make the headlines with its super-amazing abilities in the world of instant messaging and voice calling.

Just recently, WhatsApp announced that it had reached 900 million monthly active users, a figure that is only surpassed by the main Facebook app. This just shows the kind of app this messenger is. Now that Microsoft will be rolling out the new Windows 10 Mobile platform to the general public this coming month, Facebook developers seem to be working themselves off, in a bid to beat this deadline.

The Windows Phone platform has on many occasions been left out of major WhatsApp updates, with the upgrades often coming some months after they appear on Android and iOS platforms. It seems the developers are moving in to address this issue and they are doing so very quickly.

Download WhatsApp 2.12.128 Beta for Windows 10 Mobile

WhatsApp Beta 2.12.128 for Windows 10 Mobile has already been pushed to the Windows Phone Store. Other than coming in with support for the new Microsoft operating system, this new version also comes in with a new feature or rather option known as “Select messages” and it now appears in the top bar.

In addition, the new beta version for Windows 10 Mobile also features new sounds for message notifications as well as a new set of settings that ease the changing of the user’s status.

Bug and error fixes included in the latest WhatsApp Beta update

WhatsApp for Windows 10 does not just come in with a bunch of new features for this platform. You will also come across better performance from this new version thanks to the fact that the developers have included numerous bug and error fixes, most notably the one that broke down emoticons. What this means is that when you update to the latest version of WhatsApp, the emoticons will now be showing correctly, both in the preview window as well as the conversation window.

Windows 10 Mobile coming to you this next month

Just in case you are still wondering, Windows 10 Mobile is scheduled for official release this coming month of October. Alongside it will be a set of new gizmos from Microsoft, all of which are expected to be the pioneers of this new OS.

Despite the release date being a few weeks from now, the developers have already started preparing for this big day. Tweaks have begun rolling out with respect to different apps, for instance, WhatsApp and all of these tweaks are aimed at providing full support for the incoming OS.

This is the exact reception that Microsoft expected for this new Windows 10 Mobile OS considering the nasty performance of Windows Phone 8/8.1. Of course, it is true that there were some popular apps that were never made available for the unpopular Windows Phone 8, but it seems things are different with the latest introduction as more and more developers come in to the platform.

The latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Windows 10 Mobile is only available for those registered as private testers; however, it won’t take long before it makes an appearance in the Windows App Store.