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As the official release of Windows 10 Mobile nears, developers are working really hard to ensure that this period finds them ready and prepared to offer their users the best services ever.

Just recently, WhatsApp added some amazing functionalities to the Windows Phone platform, among them the ability to use the Web client via the newly introduced Microsoft Edge browser, as well as support for the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile. This follows the announcement by Microsoft that the new operating system will allow the developers of Android and iOS apps to simply re-use the same code they used to design the apps for other platforms, with only minor changes taking place to conform to the Windows standards.

It is now the turn of Facebook and Viber to come in with tweaks of their own. Facebook Beta is now available for download, but it’s only accessible to those who have signed up for the private beta testing program. In addition to this Facebook beta app, users of Viber will also get a new version of the application, which of course is still in beta version.

Facebook Beta and Viber for Windows Phone bring along minor updates, no new features

While it has become kind of a norm that whenever a new version of an app is released, expectations are always high as far as new features and enhancements are concerned. If you were expecting the same from these apps, sorry to tell you that you will be a little disappointed. Nevertheless, the latest Facebook Beta and Viber for Windows Phone bring in a few minor updates in addition to zero new features.

For those using Facebook, the beta version comes in with some fixes to issues related to notification deep linking as well as other performance bugs. Just like the Facebook app, Viber is also without any major updates, only featuring minor fixes to bugs. The same has also been done with the Microsoft Health app.

The latest versions of these apps are Facebook Beta, Viber and Microsoft Health 2015.902.1111.2229; all of which are available in the Windows App Store via the private beta testing program.