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Loyalty cards or gift cards are popular among customers.

This popularity holds a reason. People have a common nature that they are more preferred to come to a shop or business if they are notified for their loyalty. This loyalty reward program is a vital marketing tool that helps a business to establish their brand in the market. It makes their brands known to people out there and maintains a strong customer base and reward people.

This loyalty reward program is a popular trend and to keep pace with this trend, Tango, an instant messaging app has come up with e-card reward system for business organizations. These e-cards are digital and thus these are not only saving trees, but also making it easy for people to keep it in their mobile wallets so that it does not get lost in between cushions or under the car seat. Tango card offers handy rewards when businesses establish a loyalty program with customers.

To offer rewards for customer loyalty, Tango has offered multiple options. However, it has already partnered with a number of big companies to offer blast rewards to people. These blast rewards allow business houses to offer e-gift cards among its customers holding the company logo that provides free service API as their rewards. This service is quite handy and enables business houses to integrate this program into their company website.

However, those who would like to keep this loyalty reward program simple, Tango offers the right choice. Business houses can use reward genius tool through which one can send gift cards from their business portals. Research has proved that implementing this tool into their business has increased customer engagement to business by 70 percent. The reason behind this extraordinary growth is Tango card does not only focus on external loyalty, but it is also closely related with internal employees of businesses. The best part of any business engagement is tailoring the employees’ personal needs. To establish your business brand in the market, you must reward your employees with e-cards on their birthdays, best performance, etc.

Functions of tango digital e-cards

The main aim of Tango digital e-cards is to recognize, reward, incenticize and engage customers. This helps businesses to promote their brand across the globe. Let’s have a look at their functions.

  • Tango e-card offers an effective business solution to companies through which they can send digital gift cards, rewards or integrate gifts on e-cards with API service for their customers as well as employees of the organizations.
  • Businesses can choose national and international retailer gift cards, reward products or other non –profit donation.
  • Businesses can customize reward programs according to their choices or needs, and they will get expert help from the makers of Tango in successfully establishing the program and to solve recipients’ queries.

This loyalty program for customers will keep them engage with your business by providing gifts, rewards and incentives.

Business houses can delight recipients by choosing according to their choice. If you are not sure which gift card will delight your customers? Give them a tango card. A Tango digital card offers various options such as

  • Tango card offers the best gift card with a power to choose your gift.
  • The recipient can choose to use their Tango card of buying any retail product to donate to any non-profit organization
  • The recipients can use Tango card on buying one gift item or many. If they want, they can save it for later use or can give it to their loved ones. The card never expires, and users don’t need incur any fees for using the card.