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Last week, Apple unveiled the iPad Pro during a big media event and many said that the tablet is imitating the Surface Pro 3. Whether intentionally or not, the iPad Pro can be transformed into a laptop as well, by adding a keyboard cover and it also comes with its own stylus. As a response, Microsoft will release a new Surface Pro tablet, but these are only speculations, because the company hasn’t confirmed its existence. This doesn’t mean that we haven’t heard all kinds of rumors and speculations about its possible specs.

The Surface Pro 4 was supposed to be unveiled in early 2015, but instead, Microsoft brought the Surface 3 with weaker specs than the Pro 3. So, what to expect from the upcoming flagship tablet? Below, we’ll give you a short list of specs that Microsoft could come with.

Longer Battery Life

Who doesn’t want to play games for hours or to watch movies, to surf the internet and not to worry about the battery getting drained fast? Without a doubt, Microsoft will try to improve the battery life, making it last one day on a full charge.

Faster Processor

Early rumors were claiming that Microsoft will wait until Intel will release the new Skylake processors, while other voices were saying that the Surface Pro 4 will run on an Intel Broadwell chip, which doesn’t have a fan. The latter variant would influence the design of the tablet, which would be slimmer, lighter and “quieter”. We believe that the Core i5 and Core i7 Intel Skylake processors are the best solutions when it comes to performance.

Bigger Display

The Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch screen, being almost 1-inch smaller than the iPad Pro. It would be nice to see a small increase in size and this could happen, because there are many rumors saying that Microsoft will come with a bigger version which will support a 14-inch screen. This means that the docking station and the Type keyboard cover will be redesigned.

Intel RealSense 3D Camera

Windows Hello is a feature which was added to the Windows 10 and its role is to help you log into your device using facial recognition. If this feature will be available for the mobile version of Windows 10, then the Surface Pro 4 will receive an Intel RealSense 3D camera, which is found on a few computers.