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If you haven’t yet updated to the latest WhatsApp 2.12.250 for Android via the official Google Play Store, you are probably missing out on some of the finest features here.

The new Android version of WhatsApp has introduced a number of key updates. While many users might have taken note of the newly added emojis, new custom notification options as well as ability to mark messages as read or unread, very few have noticed the newly added languages.

WhatsApp can now be used in Urdu

The news that WhatsApp is now accessible in an eighteenth language was made public by the co-founder of the messaging application, Brian Acton. However, in his statement, the WhatsApp co-principal did not mention anything about the availability of the Urdu language on iOS and Windows Phone devices, just to mention but a few.

However, this update still requires users to make some changes to the settings of their handsets. The language settings must be changed to read Urdu before one goes ahead to update to the latest version and starts using Urdu.

According to the man in-charge of the translation process, Ahsan Saeed, this process has taken over three years to complete. However, the moderation process just took about three months. In everything that took place, volunteers did the best part of the process. The translation admin stated that he had contributed to translating at least 753 strings and moderated another 2.089 in a period of fewer than three months. The end product of this whole process is that WhatsApp for Android now has an 18th language.

What the translation of WhatsApp language to Urdu means

Now that WhatsApp has been translated fully to an eighteenth language, it means that those speaking Urdu will now be able to communicate easily using this latest edition. In short, the new app will let them type in Devanagari script for the new Urdu language as opposed to the Roman format that has been in use with the previous version.

Another update that has been included in this new version of WhatsApp for Android is a Pakistani flag, which comes under the new emojis included in the app. Furthermore, those comfortable with Bengali can enjoy the same services as those using Urdu.

Latest version fixes WhatsApp Web bug

Just recently, Check Point security research firm revealed that WhatsApp Web has a bug that lets hackers easily take control of any user’s system. This hack exploits a flaw that prevents the app from properly validating the information contained in a vCard message. When a user receives such a message, it will start executing a malicious code on the system once it is opened. The code then spreads other malware into the system, among them bots and ransomware.

The new version of WhatsApp has taken care of this update. If you were using WhatsApp Web, all you need to do is log out of the web client and even clear the browser’s cache and history. After that, log into the account by scanning the QR code and that’s it. You can now continue using WhatsApp Web worry-free.