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iOS 9 will be released on September 16, 2015 which makes a lot of people very anxious about it. The new operating system that Apple will release is also compatible with other devices that currently run on iOS 8, such as iPhone 4S or iPad Air 2.

It seems that the iOS 9 will feature the San Francisco font once it will get released. This will replace Apple’s Helvetica Neue font. According to reports, the keyboard will also “suffer” some changes, but it will allow the users to navigate with ease.

The iOS 9 will enable the shift key which will allow you to change the letters from uppercase to lowercase, meaning that you will finally be able to see when you’re about to write with uppercase.

From now on, Siri will be able to take note of the applications that you are frequently using and based on the collected data, the application will have more accurate suggestions.

The Spotlight search will now give search results based on the location where you are, which include: sports scores, updates, weather forecasts etc. The maps application will be able to give you information about ferries, trains, subways and buses. The notes application will allow you to insert maps and it will support drawings.

Apple will bring a new application called “News”, which is like other news services such as RSS and Flipboard.

The phone calls will now be supported by Wi-Fi in order to reduce the costs of the mobile carrier. According to reports, the Wi-Fi feature will use less battery and it will come with some clear connections. By using the new “Low power mode” feature, your device will be able to stay “alive” for three additional hours.

The new iOS 9 comes with many new features and it requires only 1.3GB of memory, while the iOS 8 needs 4.6GB.