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Recording Skype audio and video on Mac is an extremely handy process.

With this recording feature on Skype, you can play the conversation later as many times as you want. You can even post that audio and video recording into YouTube and Podcast.

Skype offers the best platform of making audio and video conversations worldwide and due to this feature; Skype is gaining huge popularity among Facetime and Apple users. The platform of Skype is big and it can hold up to 60 million users at a time.

Learn the process of recording calls on mac

Here, in this blog, you will come to know the process of how to record audio and video calls on Mac. While recoding calls, it may seem a bit creepy, but it is really easy once you know the process. While recording Skype interviews make sure that you are addressing people accurately. If you want, you can also record video conversation for posting it on podcasts. The Skype’s recoding tutorial will guide how to record calls on Mac.

If your Mac is running on Mac OS 10.8, then using this will be the smoothest process to record Skype calls. This recorder is used mainly for Mac operating systems. However, this call recorder app is not free at all. It costs around 29.95 dollars to 17.61. When you start recording calls on a daily basis, you find this app worth buying irrespective of its high price.

Let’s learn the process to record calls with a call recorder.

  • Quit Skype application
  • Download the app call recorder from Ecamm website
  • Once the installation process is done, click to open Skype in the dialogue window to re-install the Skype app
  • Skype will show new recording settings through which you can learn quick time settings for the recorder. You can set it as your Skype’s default settings or you can change it again choosing Skype preference and recording.
  • Once it is set properly, click on the stop button for finishing the record

Call recorder is one of the easiest ways to record calls on Skype and this app can be easily integrated into Skype following some simple steps. However, this app is not free but when you will start using this app on a regular basis, you will find it worth the money.

If you would like to record only the audio call on Skype, then you will get a few options there such piezo, call recorder, etc. However, the best option to record audio call is Piezo. This app makes easy recording audio calls on Mac.

How to record calls using Piezo

  • Open the Skype app
  • Click on Piezo to open the app
  • In Piezo, click on Skype option
  • Start audio chat
  • Tap on the red button to record audio calls
  • Once the recording is finished, click on that button again

The process of recording calls with Piezo is quite easy. However, this app has some restrictions such as when you start recording audio calls, after about ten minutes the quality of recording degrades as it adds noise. The developers of this app are constantly working on it and this limit has been minimized in its latest version as it uses professional settings like podcasting.

Using Skype in recording calls is free and you can easily record audio and video calls for long. Users can easily record Skype calls on Mac with these applications and processes. However, to initiate this practice, consent from both parties is required, which means both you and the person on call must be aware of the recording.