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Facebook Messenger will finally be making its debut on the Apple Watch, but it will do it in style.

This messaging app is expected to come in with some of the latest features, among them location sharing and voice messaging.

Now that you will be able to talk to the Messenger app on your wrist watch and have your friends listen to this message in an instance, users will for sure get unprecedented hands-free messaging via this application. This application was unveiled during the recent San Francisco event. Alongside this new app was the unveiling of the latest members of the Apple Watch – a new Apple Watch Sport that comes in gold and rose gold.Also, Apple revealed that the next iteration of the watch’s operating system will be coming out very soon as well as the new iOS 9.

The new Apple Watch OS, which is still in beta, allows the installation of native apps on the watch, rather than the mandatory installation on the iPhone that was first required for these apps to work. Users will also enjoy a few additional apps for the watch, among them GoPro, AirStrip healthcare app and iTranslate.

Is Facebook Messenger the most exciting addition to the Apple Watch?

As you may have noted, it’s not Facebook Messenger alone that has been added to the Apple Watch’s app collection. However, this app has received heavy talk since its announcement. There is no doubt that this huge talk comes from the more than 700 million people that use this application on their mobile phones.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used apps in the U.S., a recent report revealed. Given that Apple is also the most dominant player in the same country as far as smartphone reach is concerned, there is a huge chance that this application will receive quick popularity after its official launch. With this application, the Apple Watch will now become a much more significant communication tool as opposed to what it is traditionally expected to be – a wrist watch.

Apple launched 10,000 other apps for the iWatch

In addition to Facebook Messenger, GoPro and iTranslate, the Cupertino giant also came in with about 10,000 other applications for this watch;among them Glide, Voxer and Telegram, with the latter hoping to a major wrist messaging app.

Facebook Messenger users will be able to use their Apple Watch to take part in group messaging, voice messaging as well as sharing locations. Users will also be able to access a sticker search engine as well as a collection of stickers and emoticons.