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On 2nd of September, 2015, Rapid 7 released their report on some new holes in baby monitors of many brands and producers all over the world.

Our babies are our most prized possessions. This is why baby monitors are patronized in huge quantities all over the world. However, this report has caused some concerns to parents and guardians to wonder if they are truly safe with these baby monitors.

Some of the Security Holes Reported

Some vulnerabilities of these baby monitors were reported to include predictable detail or information leakages, deep or stored XSS, backdoor recommendation, verification bypass, privilege growth, and also straight browsing. Taking most of these holes one by one will make it easy for users of these monitors to understand where the real problem comes from. Also, they will show that although most baby monitor brands have these problems, there are still some good ones available for all to benefit from. However, in comparing the different baby monitor brands, backdoor recommendations as vulnerability was found in many different brands.

ThePhilips In.Sight B120/37 baby monitor was reported to have three vulnerabilities; the Summer Baby Zoom Wi-Fi Monitor & Internet Viewing System was reported to have two; and iBaby Labs had two products in the report that had one vulnerability per product. Other baby monitors like Trendnet’s Wi-Fi Baby Cam and Lens Peek-a-View Gynoii has one vulnerability each.

What is the Concern Here?

What the main concern here is that, although all of these brands of baby monitors have some of the best features, their vulnerabilities will make it very easy for attackers to view videos and listen to audios, whether from previously recorded to live streams. This was made known by mark Stanislav – Senior Security Consultant for Global Services at Rapid7.

The Reason for This Research Today

Some years ago, there was news that a hacker used a baby monitor to monitor the movements of a home in Houston. Yes, the hacker was able to break into the baby monitor to obtain information needed to cause harm. Although there was much noise made, these manufacturers have not shown signs of bringing more to the place and this is a problem. Even the vendors of these devices are now trying to know much about the devices they sell and this is a big problem.

Bottom Line

This doesn’t mean all baby monitor brands are not safe. However, make sure you buy one that has the level of safety you need.