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WhatsApp Beta for Windows has been boosted with a new update that pushes it to version 2.12.128.

This new application comes to the fold with a number of new updates as well as new features, all of which are aimed at bringing the app at par with versions on other platforms such as Android and iOS.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has on many occasions been neglected and pushed aside, receiving updates way long after they have been brought to the two major mobile platforms. This was evident when the company was rolling out the voice calling feature. After being available for the Android users for a period of not less than 3 months, WhatsApp calling was finally brought to Windows Phone a few weeks ago.

WhatsApp Beta 2.12.128 brings enhanced support for Windows 10 Mobile

As noted above, the new WhatsApp Beta version 2.12.128 for Windows Phone brings a bunch of new features as well as enhancements to this platform. In addition, Microsoft will be happy to learn that developers have already begun embracing the newly launched Windows 10 Mobile (official release is set for next month) by introducing tweaks in their apps to ensure that they support this new platform. This is in contrast to the reception that Windows Phone 8 got when it was first launched.

In addition to enhanced support for the new Windows 10 Mobile, WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone also comes in with a new sound for incoming messages when using the application. This notification sound can also be deactivated at any time a user wishes to and re-enabled in the same manner as well.

WhatsApp Beta 2.12.128 for Windows change log

To give you summarized details of the new changes that have been included in the latest WhatsApp Beta 2.12.128 for Windows Phone, here is the full change log as given out by the developers of the app.

  • All issues associated with displaying the wrong emoticons have been taken care of and they will now show in the preview and chat windows properly
  • An improved experience, especially when using the new Windows 10 Mobile
  • There is a new “Select messages” option located in the upper bar of conversations
  • New notification sounds for incoming messages from different contacts
  • A new option that allows quick changing of WhatsApp status has been added
  • Ability to enable and disable WhatsApp sounds

If you use a Windows Phone smartphone, you won’t get this beta update automatically. Instead, you must be a member of the private beta testers’ family. However, it won’t be long before this update and features are availed to the general Windows Phone family with a stable version via the Windows Store.