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Viber is well known as the best free calling app for the Android and iOS devices.

A service that began in 2010 as an iOS-based app, Viber free calling has grown its stature into a more dependable instant messenger, whether it is for mobile phone users or PC users.

One question that arises in the wake of the popularity of WhatsApp is that which of these two is better than the other? Well, if you haven’t tried them both on your Android or iOS smartphone, here are some reasons to make you believe that Viber is a better app than this Facebook-owned messenger, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has more than 900 million users, a figure that is expected to easily clock 1 billion by the time the year comes to an end. One wonders what, if this close to one billion user base that heavily depends on WhatsApp, wakes up one morning, to find the app gone! Well, this might be a dream that might never materialize, but things do happen in the technological space. Just in case this statement hit you hard, it is time you started thinking of an alternative to WhatsApp and without going further, we have made the choice easier for you.

So, why Viber?

Just like WhatsApp, Viber offers the users a chance to send and receive photo, audio, video, as well as text messages. In these messages, you can include a variety of stickers and emoticons, more than there are on the Facebook app. The design of this application is also way better than that of its counterpart.

On the side of stickers, you will not only find the classic characters, but you will also come across a huge selection that is available for free download as well as other packs that must be paid for, but only for a fee of $1.99. Once you purchase the sticker package, you won’t be prompted to buy it again when you want to use it in any conversation. The stickers can be used in individual chats or group conversations, with the latter having the capacity to accommodate up to 200 members, double the amount provided for on WhatsApp.

Viber free download makes use of a phone number to connect to other users. When you install the app, the setup will run through your phonebook and identify the numbers that have registered with the platform and add them to your list of contacts within the app. In this way, you can easily identify the persons whom you can contact for free and those that still require you to send them an invitation.

The good thing with Viber is that you will still be able to see the list of numbers that do not yet have accounts on the platform from within the app’s contacts list. In addition, Viber allows you to call these numbers using the Viber Out service, but at an affordable rate. Other than making affordable calls, Viber will also let you enjoy HD quality video calls as well as voice calls for free.

Viber comes with a feature known as Public Chats where you can follow your topics of choice and see what’s up with some of your favorite public figures.

Would you switch WhatsApp for Viber? Well, if you weren’t sure, these should be reasons enough to push towards trying out this Viber app on your smartphone right away. The latest version for the Android users is available in the Google Play Store while those using iOS can get it from the official iTunes App Store for free.