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Apple has released the two new iPhones at the Hey Siri media event and while the design was retained from the previous models, minor upgrades have been made to the hardware components. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are faster, thanks to the new processor, they have better cameras, but the screens support the same resolution.

Don’t be disappointed, because Apple introduced a new capacitive screen technology called 3D touch, which is able to detect the level of pressure which is applied when the user taps on the screen.

We heard a lot of rumors talking about the Force Touch and we’ve seen it in action, on the latest MacBook and the Apple Watch devices. We were convinced that this technology will make its way to the new iPhone flagships, but Apple surprised us when they announced the implementation of 3D touch. If you are wondering if this is a different name for the Force Touch technology or if it has nothing in common with it, you’ll find it below.

According to Wired, Force Touch and 3D Touch are two different technologies, and 9to5Mac uncovered some patents related to the latter technology. It seems that 3D touch has an additional level of sensitivity, although it offers the same service as Force Touch. 3D touch is more responsive than Force Touch, giving the users the possibility to perform various operations depending on how hard a user taps on the screen.

If you’ve already tested out the Force Touch technology, you will notice the differences when you’ll use the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 6S, because you will no longer need to press down very hard on the screen, in order to register a force impute, since the sensitivity is higher.

Briefly, both Force Touch and 3D Touch share the same technology, but they support a different sensitivity level. However, it’s not sure if the Apple Taptic Engine was upgraded or it’s the same technology which was used for Force Touch. If not, then we’re guessing that Apple will bring the upgrade to the new versions of the MacBook and Apple Watch.